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I need a good hair straightener for wavy/curly/medium thin hair?

my hair is kind of thin and curly and i need a good straighter that won't ruin my hair and that will work for a long time. quick heating would be a huge plus too.I need a good hair straightener for wavy/curly/medium thin hair?
Personally chi works the BEST. It doesnt damage in the past years that I have used it and it totally works on any hair type. Be sure to put any straightener on medium or low to not burn your hair (high on any brand will damage over a short period of time)I need a good hair straightener for wavy/curly/medium thin hair?
Your best bet is the Chi ceramic flat iron.It's known to work miracles on my nappy wig.=-)

that is a straight answer. Yes, they are expensive but they are totally worth it.

There are 2 solutions you need to buy also so it doesn't fry your hair.

It's in a red squirt bottle. It protects your hair from the extreme heat. and a small silver bottle with red cap.

Re-hydrates %26amp;%26amp; adds shine to hair.

=]] HIH
The CHI flat iron is the best.But be sure to use a Thermal protectant sray on your hair,these irons get very hot,and the spray protects your hair and aids in get it very straight and smooth.
Get a ceramic straightener. The ceramic works best with curlier hair and won't damage thin hair either. I like the Solia wet to dry iron myself.
Try the CHI straightner by Farouk. Its the best in the industry. It will straighten any kind of hair, and leave it looking silky and shiny as well. For best results use with BioSILK heat smoothing spray (comes in a silver bottle). It is designed expecially for the CHI iron. Oh, and it also takes about 10 seconds for it to heat up. I couldnt live without it.
wet to straight straigteneer my hair is naturally curly and its not even expensive.
my hair is Naturally curly and THICK and i have a wet to dry straightener and it works SO FREAKING GOOD!!!!!! i love it
WHATEVER YOU DO...DON'T LISTEN TO THE PEOPLE TELLING YOU TO BUY A WET TO DRY STRAIGHTENER!!! Getting one of those is the worst move you could ever make. They cause THE most damage to your hair. You should NEVER use a hot tool on wet hair. An excellent straightener is one made by Hot Tools. You can find them on amazon or at a local beauty supply store, and its fairly cheap. It'll run you about $40 or so. They make them thin or thick. I used one of those for years, but then I broke it. (I had dropped it, and part of it cracked). In the past 4 years, I've had two of them. Now I have a thin straightener made by Revlon, which I found at Wal-mart for about $30. They both heat up quickly and they both work great on curly/wavy/frizzy hair. (I should know) But personally I like the hot tools one better. It straightened quicker, with the Revlon I have to go over my hair a few times. But either one works. And don't straighten every day, that's the key, you should let your hair rest a day or two out of the week. AND DON'T BUY A WET TO DRY ONE!
make sure to buy a THIN straightener...the thicker they are the more they damage your hair...I would look around a store like ULTA....they have some really good, high end ones there...they usually run around about 100 bucks but they will last for a long time, and won't ruin your hair!!!!

the one i have is a one inch ONYX straightener and it works wonders on my hair!!!!

good luck girlie!!!! =)
I use 2 different ones the Chi and a Marcell.

The marcell is what most beauticians use in the salons, it gets hotter than the Chi and can be used in the kitchen. (Looks like a straightening comb)
I've been thinking of getting the Sedu. Take a look at the reviews.>

If that's too much $, then go to a Sally Beauty Store and get a Jilbere Nano Tech digital flat iron, it's really good.

Hope it helps!

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